Dịch vụ khách sạn

Restaurant open from 6:30 to 22:00 daily served the buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner. Please kindly see the menu for further reference.

Please contact the Operator (dial 0) with the time and date you would like to require a wake up call.

In consideration of protecting the environment, we would like to recommend you hang any used towels that you will reuse on the rack.

Although the tap water in the hotel is treated and therefore safe to drink, we recommend guests drink the two complementary bottles of water provided daily by Housekeeping.

All Visitors of Paragon Villa hotel's guests must register with Reception before visiting the guest's rooms.

A wide selection of tours in and around Nha Trang City is offered by Paragon Villa Hotel Tour Desk. For more information please contact the Tour Desk at the Lobby (ext.0 ...).

For your convenience, each room is equipped with a full set of toiletries. If you need your toiletries replenished, please contact Housekeeping (ext.0 ).

Should you require private transportation, there are taxis kept on-call for hotel guests 24 hours a day. Please visit the Ground Floor Lobby to use the taxi service.

The hotel provides shuttle bus from Hotel to Nha Trang and return, please contact the reception for schedule of shuttle bus.

Every guest room is equipped with stationary (pen, paper, envelopes, etc.). Please contact Housekeeping (ext.0..) if you need your stationary replenished.